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Lessons from the Life of the Messenger of Allah, Blessings and Peace of Allah be Upon Him A series of halakas about the life of the messenger (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). The series is based on the book: The Sealed Nectar, by Sheikh/ Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarkpuri. The first part of the series will run for 16 weeks and cover the period from prophet’s birth and up to the end of the Makki period (before migrating to Madinah). The halakas will be held weekly in Ummah Mosque on Saturdays after Ishaa prayer. Dr. Saad Dabbous and Dr. Moataz Soliman will run the halakas in alternation. The halaka’s duration will be 45 minutes. After (part one) the 16 halakas, there will be a (voluntary) test and a certificate -signed by the Imam, sheikh/ Abdullah Yousry- for those who pass it. The halakas and the exam are open for all: Men, women, and children.


  1. Saturday 6/January/2018            -    Dr Saad Dabbous                  -    Lesson 4
  2. Saturday 30/December/2017      -    Dr Moataz Solaiman            -    Lesson 3 
  3. Saturday 23/December/2017      -    Dr Saad Dabbous                  -    Lesson 2
  4. Saturday 16/December/2017      -    Dr Moataz Solaiman            -    Lesson 1

Prayer Times

Halifax - Canada

الثلاثا 21 رجب 1440
Tuesday March 26 2019
Athan Iqama
Fajr 5:46 06:30
Chourouk 7:07
Duhr 1:20 1:20p
Asr 4:49 5 p
Maghrib 7:34 07:44
Ishaa 8:56 9:00 p
Jummah 1:30 p

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